When it comes to women’s beauty pieces can you think of anything more iconic than lipstick? The starlet ruby red coloration has been a staple of the fashion industry since civilization had first discovered colored dye via natural ink. In the modern era lipsticks have evolved in so many ways, the most fashionable of which is the nude lipstick, an ironically difficult shade to pull off in its own rights. Nude, a shade that comes in plenty of different shades to fit individual skin tones across the world, has fallen into to the starlight of popularity in the last several years. Whilst imitating natural lip shades the notorious color is actually rather difficult to pull off in the professional fashion industry. While rather hard to work with, the lipstick has so many strengths from helping to balance off wild eye shade and clothing colors to keeping up a natural appearance, it has become an absolute necessity in the world of fashion and beauty. There are plenty of tips and tricks to pulling off the nude shade and here they are.

  1. Stay natural: When it comes to nude lipsticks you should always stay away from those that make your lips look overly matte or opaque. Whenever you wear things like that it’ll make your lips disappear. When it comes to lipstick and gloss make sure that it adds a hint of orange or pink to add definition
  2. Liner: It’s always a tough call whether you should apply a lip liner or not. When applied wrong it looks misguided, and at it’s worst can make your entire face look dirty. Nude lipsticks can make this even harder; make sure to find a shade that is barely darker than your natural lips and lighter than the stick or gloss that you’re applying after.
  3. Exfoliate: One way to ensure that color applies correctly and stays on all day is to start with a smooth base. Exfoliation is the best way to make sure this happens. Look for natural sugar scrubs that’ll help remove dead skin and refresh you lips. If you don’t have any on hand, then you can easily substitute it for some Vaseline and a toothbrush.
  4. Keep your eyes intense: One thing that can easily make nude lipstick not work is washing out your facial features by making everything a single shade. When your lips are rocking a natural shade you should apply an intense or bright color to you eyes to help keep everything glamourous. This is a little off subject, but when I went to the doctor the other day, this was the day my back was hurting so bad, I couldn’t find my lipstick..lol
  5. Keep the color: This could actually apply to the last step, but in the broadest terms. I’ll say it again; you don’t want your face to be all one shade. Ghost-washing your face can be the worst mistake making you look unkempt or, at worst, sickly. Keep your face warm with bronzer, blush, or a wonderful foundation that’ll help add all the contrast that you need to rock out that wonderful skin tone.