GOP Activist Prays For Pro-LGBTQ Texas Legislators And Staffs To ‘Rot And Be Blown Away’

Texas GOP governor Greg Abbott has called a special session of the Texas legislature for July 18, and, though he put a number of things on the agenda that weren?t completed during the regular session, don?t be fooled: the main reason this session was called was to pass a bill discriminating against transgender students. GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the state senator who is obsessed with passing such a bill and is pulling all the strings, worked with colleagues to hold a must-pass Texas Medical Board bill hostage until they got the special session.

Among the close allies joining Patrick in the fight for the anti-trans bill ? one that would force all school districts to restrict bathroom use, with no opting out ? is Steven Hotze, an evangelical Christian, Houston radio host and prominent Republican activist, who, while awaiting the governor?s decision, has posted a number of incendiary, and grotesque columns on the website he publishes, Conservative Republicans of Texas News. There, Hotze, who last November compared gays to ?termites,? posted an ?imprecatory prayer,? which, as columnist Steven Herman at the Austin Statesman-American notes, is known in evangelical circles as a invocation of evil, or a curse, on one?s enemies.

First, Hotze noted that there are Texas legislators who back the ?murder of unborn babies,? and ?pervert God?s holy plan for marriage between a man and a woman? and ?celebrate those who promote and choose to practice sodomy.? And he took on those who ?allow perverted men and boys, who sexually fantasize that they are women, to enter women?s and girls? bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.? Then he launched his curse, basically calling for God to kill all such legislators as well as their staffs:

In the Name of Jesus, I prophesy and declare: may all the individuals serving in the state legislature, and their staff, who support, promote and practice sodomy and other perverted, sexually deviant lifestyles, who support the killing of unborn babies, and who hate God?s Law and God?s Word, receive just retribution from God for their evil actions. May they receive what their unfaithful ways deserve. May they be consumed, collapse, rot and be blown away as dust from their current positions because of their wicked works, thoughts and deeds. May people scorn them and nations abhor them. May their punishment lead them to repentance and faith in Christ. May God?s will be done in their lives.

Hotze, who rails against the ?homofascist political agenda,? wrote several columns attacking and shaming the legislative leadership for trying to compromise on the bathroom amendment toward the end of the session (allowing schools to have the choice of discriminating or not). Yesterday, Hotze published a column in which he patted the governor on the back for calling the special session, which could be dangerous to LGBTQ people, women and other minorities because once it is open, all manor of harmful amendments can be added to the must-pass bills.

And Hotze focused on the anti-trans legislation as,?one of the key issues? that will be focused on, warning his followers that they must call their legislators. 

?All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for you to do nothing,? he wrote.

I would actually agree with Hotze completely on that one. It?s evil to use religion to discriminate against anyone. And we must stop these theocratic hate mongers by getting organized, and shining a bright light on what will be happening in Texas this summer.

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Seth Meyers Has A Message For Trump After Reading Comey’s Planned Testimony

Seth Meyers had one response for Donald Trump after recapping the opening statement former FBI director James Comey had prepared ahead of his Senate hearing:

Comey will testify before a Senate hearing on Thursday, giving his first public comments since the president abruptly fired him in May. The former FBI director was leading the bureau?s investigation into the Trump campaign?s ties with Russia ? a case Comey says the president asked him to drop.

On Wednesday?s ?Late Night with Seth Meyers,? the host said the former FBI director?s statement detailing repeated one-on-one meetings and one incredibly awkward private dinner between him and the president read more like a Lifetime movie in the making, with Trump attempting to get Comey to pledge his loyalty and cease the investigation.

Watch the whole clip in the video above.

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Reuters: Loophole Allows Uber To Avoid UK Tax, Undercut Rivals

By Tom Bergin

LONDON (Reuters) – Car service Uber is using a gap in EU and UK tax rules to avoid incurring sales tax on the booking fees it charges drivers in Britain, a practice a senior politician said was unfair to competitors and defied the intent of the law.

San Francisco-based Uber charges lower fares than rival ride hailing apps. In Britain, its competitors? fares include 20 percent value added tax (VAT) on booking fees, but Uber?s fares do not.

Uber is able to avoid VAT by exploiting a loophole in how the tax is collected for business-to-business sales across EU borders, which arises because it treats its 40,000 UK drivers as separate businesses, each too small to register for VAT.

It confirmed to Reuters that it does not pay value added tax on the fees it charges British drivers. By contrast, two of its main UK rivals, Gett and mytaxi, both said they do pay VAT on their fees. They declined to comment on Uber?s practice.

The loophole applies in other European countries too, but is particularly important for Uber in Britain which accounts for a third of its European business. Other EU countries have put tighter rules in place to close or narrow the loophole.

Paying VAT on Uber?s fees would cost the company about 1,000 pounds a year on average for each of its UK drivers, based on information Uber has given about the size of its British business, which is growing rapidly under its expansion plans.

Uber told Reuters it respected the tax rules in all the countries where it operated. Asked whether avoiding paying value added tax gave the company an unfair advantage over its rivals, a spokesman said: ?The same rules apply to any international service provider with customers in the UK.?

Her Majesty?s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the UK tax authority, declined to comment onUber, citing confidentiality rules. A spokesman said: ?Everyone has to pay the tax due under the law and we make sure they do.?

Three European tax experts consulted by Reuters said Uber?s practice probably complies with the way Britain has decided to implement EU rules.

But Margaret Hodge, a member of Britain?s Labour Party who has long led parliamentary investigations into corporate tax avoidance, criticized Uber?s practice of not paying VAT on its fees, when told of it by Reuters.

?It is yet another example of how large companies find loopholes and use the law for a purpose for which it was never intended,? she said. ?There is a failure to pay tax that should be due. That reduces the money available for public services and is unfair on Uber?s competitors.?

The same loophole is used by other companies such as Google and Facebook to avoid VAT on certain transactions involving small businesses, but the benefit is more important for Uber, since the fees it charges drivers are its main source of income.

Even as Uber has become a transportation powerhouse around the world, opponents, including established taxi operators, have mounted legal and public relations attacks on the Silicon Valley company, saying it owes its success to bending the rules.

Several high level executives have left Uber in recent months, and its CEO was forced to apologize after being filmed haranguing one of its drivers. It has hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate its corporate culture, including accusations of sexual harassment.

In Europe, the lead advocate to the European Court of Justice concluded in May that Uber is a transportation service, not an information platform, and therefore open to far greater regulation.

In the United States it also faces a Justice Department criminal investigation into software used to prevent law enforcement officials from hailing Uber cars, to shield the company from regulators.

Despite those troubles, Uber has been growing rapidly, rolling out its service in new cities month by month.



Uber avoids having to charge British value added tax on its booking fees by treating each driver as an individual business and then billing drivers across EU borders from its Dutch subsidiary, using an EU VAT provision called the ?reverse charge?.

The rule lets businesses sell goods or services to other businesses across EU borders without paying VAT. There is usually no loss of tax revenue, because the importing business collects VAT from its own customers.

But since Uber drivers mostly generate less than the 85,000 pounds a year sales threshold to register for VAT in Britain, they don?t have to collect it.

Gett and mytaxi both bill their drivers from companies within Britain. As the reverse charge does not apply to domestic sales, that means that unlike Uber they must charge drivers VAT.

Uber is not the only big American firm to use EU reverse charge rules to reduce the VAT tab when billing small business clients across EU borders. Google and Facebook use the same approach when selling from their Irish regional headquarters.

That means British plumbers or guesthouse owners who are not registered for VAT can buy advertisements from Google or Facebook without being charged the tax, even though they would pay it when placing an advertisement in a local newspaper.

?It is a system failure because the rules are not harmonized in respect of dealing with small businesses,? said Pascal Schrijver, a partner with Deloitte in Amsterdam. Google said it followed all tax rules. Facebook declined comment.

The EU?s reverse charge regime was intended to cut paperwork required to distribute VAT revenue among EU countries by placing the responsibility for collecting it on the importing country. It was not intended to allow companies to escape VAT altogether, said Laurent Lattmann, a VAT partner with advisory Taxand in Zurich.

?A supplier should not use the reverse charge if they are selling to a customer without a VAT registration,? Lattmann said.

Other EU countries often have lower sales thresholds to register for VAT, and several have systems in place to ensure that buyers that are not VAT-registered pay the missing tax when they import goods or services VAT-free across EU borders.

Germany has imposed a requirement on non-VAT registered businesses to complete a special form and pay the tax when they import reverse-charged goods or services, said Barbara Fleckenstein-Weiland, tax lawyer with Flick Gocke Schaumburg in Frankfurt. Erwin Boumans, Brussels-based tax partner at accountants BDO said Belgium had a similar system.

?The cultural attitude of tax authorities is very different from country to country. The UK has historically taken a light touch approach,? said Nicholas Hallam, Chief Executive of UK VAT advisory Accordance.



Uber is privately-held and does not publish accounts, but says it has more than 40,000 drivers in Britain who each bring in an average of around 560 pounds a week in gross fares. It normally charges fees of 20-25 percent of the fare.

That suggests the company is collecting more than 200 million pounds a year in fees on more than 1 billion in UK fares, and saving at least 40 million by not paying VAT. Uber declined to comment when presented with those calculations.

If Uber were forced to pay VAT on its fees and tried to pass the extra cost on to drivers, many would quit, said Jason Shepherd, a London Uber driver who moved with his wife and kids into his in-laws? house to make ends meet.

?Most Uber drivers are just treading water,? he said. ?If Uber put up its fees I would immediately consider other options and I?m sure most other drivers would too.?

James Farrar, an Uber driver trying to organize fellow drivers into a union, said typical drivers earn only around 6 pounds an hour after car rental, insurance and other costs.

?Even with surge fares, it?s less than the minimum wage? of 7.50 an hour, he said. Uber says drivers who rent their cars earn more than 8 pounds an hour on average.


(Reporting by Tom Bergin; editing by Peter Graff)

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This Is The Scientific Reason Why Today’s Opioid Crisis Is So Complicated

The New York Times calls it ?America?s 50-state epidemic? because of its ruthless ability to transcend social and economic classes, city and state boundaries, friendships and even family bonds. The CDC matter-of-factly says that the U.S. ?is in the midst of an opioid overdose epidemic.?

The facts paint a picture: Opioid overdoses are at an all-time high in the U.S., with more than 33,000 overdose cases in 2015 alone, a record. Nearly half of those involved a prescription opioid. And while genetic predisposition accounts for about 50 percent of the likelihood that a person will develop an addiction, studies still show that one in seven Americans is expected to develop some kind of substance use disorder at some point during his or her life.

But while the facts are clear cut, the reason why addition can?t be shaken isn?t quite so black and white. Addiction is a progressive, chronic disease that literally changes the brain?s reward, memory and motivation circuits, altering how it receives and processes information. That?s why we?ve partnered with Caron Treatment Centers to understand what?s going on inside an addicted brain. Check out the four stages of addiction below. (Click on the names of each stage to learn more.)

Because the path to addiction recovery is a lifelong process, Caron Treatment Centers understands the nuances of recovery. Caron specializes in treating addiction through a holistic, wellness-first lens. Learn more.

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