David Oyelowo Demands The Horrors Of Human Trafficking In Africa ‘Must Change’

David Oyelowo is serious about inspiring positive change in the world.

The actor will be honored on June 4 by the Diamond Empowerment Fund, a nonprofit co-founded by Russell Simmons, with the Diamonds Do Good International Vanguard Award. The award, which will be given to Oyelowo during the organization?s annual awards gala in Las Vegas, recognizes his achievements in the arts and in the educational empowerment of vulnerable girls in Nigeria.

Oyelowo told HuffPost that he prefers projects that showcase Africa?s overlooked history, such as ?United Kingdom,? which highlighted Botswana?s role as a leading diamond-producing nation. In that film, Oyelowo plays Botswana?s first president, Sir Seretse Khama.

?My passion is really behind any African story that highlights the transcendent beauty and just the amazing quality of Africa and its people,? Oyelowo told HuffPost. ?So whether it?s in ?United Kingdom? or whether it?s in ?Queen of Katwe? or other projects that I?m at the inception stages with, that?s what I?m fundamentally interested in and it just so happens that Botswana?s success story is tied into diamonds.?

The actor, who was born in England to Nigerian parents, adds that in addition to highlighting Africa?s abundant culture on the silver screen, he also wants to change the negative perception of Nigeria ? specifically as it pertains to the marginalization of women.

?One of the stories that isn?t a success story of course is surrounding the Chibok girls and what?s going on with Boko Haram, and what?s going on with the marginalization of women generally, not just in Nigeria, but on the African continent and around the world,? he said. ?So for me, it?s about highlighting the great story, but also trying to change the narrative around the negative, because those are things that can and must change.?

Aside from his David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship for Girls in Nigeria, the actor says he wants to extend his humanitarian efforts to combat the global epidemic of human trafficking.

?Going beyond the borders of Nigeria, human trafficking, modern-day slavery, sex trafficking, these are really disgusting things that are going on in society,? he said. ?A lot of them are dealing with girls being pulled out of Africa. It?s happening within the continent itself. Even here in Los Angeles ? the San Fernando Valley, where I live ? it?s one of the worst hubs for human trafficking in the country.?

?So it?s on our doorstep, and it?s international. And if you?re a father of children, really it?s a thing that young people are being subjected to by those who prey upon them,? the actor continued. ?It?s unthinkable to think about what?s going on out there. So anything and everything I can do, and my colleagues can do, to eradicate this is what I?m interested in.?

Sometimes with Hollywood specifically, we tend to rush after the buzzy, glamorous, attention-seeking initiatives and it?s not sustainable.?
David Oyelowo

As many as 17,500 people are trafficked into the country every year, according to estimates from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, with an estimated 21 million people trafficked around the globe.

And, according to the United Nations, sexual exploitation is the most common form of human trafficking in the world, and women and girls make up the largest proportion of victims.

Oyelowo is committed to reducing these startling statistics, regardless of public recognition.

?I think that?s one of the problems with our society in general. And sometimes with Hollywood specifically, we tend to rush after the buzzy, glamorous, attention-seeking initiatives and it?s not sustainable,? he argued. ?Anything that is for instant gratification for yourself will not last. This is a problem in terms of what?s going on in Nigeria, and specifically the marginalization of women.?

?If you?re looking in Hollywood, it?s not as egregious and injustice as sex trafficking and human trafficking but, when you look at sexism within the film industry, we have these moments when everyone pays it attention and then people forget,? he said.

Rather than participating in an occasional initiative for instant gratification, Oyelowo encourages more of his peers in entertainment to commit themselves to humanitarian movements in order to see real change. 

?I?m a big believer in not focusing in on the big moment, but on the movement,? he said. ?The movement is something that has to be perpetual. Once I attach myself to something I try to focus on it and not let go until the job is done, regardless if the cameras are on or not.?

?I think if more of us do that, the more will actually get done,? he added.

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Homeless Man Given Free Rent After Helping Victims Of Manchester Attack

A homeless man credited with helping treat victims of Monday night?s deadly terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert will soon have a roof over his head after he was recognized for his heroism.

Stephen Jones, 35, was sleeping near England?s Manchester Arena when he heard a huge blast followed by the screams of crowds, ITV News reported. 

Concert attendees, including small children, were fleeing from the stadium, some bloodied. Instead of running away himself, Jones said he came to their aid.

?Just because I?m homeless doesn?t mean that I haven?t got a heart and I?m not human still,? he told an ITV News reporter hours after the attack. ?They needed the help. I?d like to think that someone would come and help me if I needed the help.?

In graphic detail, Jones recalled helping remove nails, glass and other shrapnel from victims? faces, arms, and legs.

?It?s just instinct to go and help if someone needed your help. And it was children, and it was a lot of children with blood all over them and crying and screaming,? he said.

His harrowing story soon spread around the world, leading to an online fundraiser to afford him housing. As of Wednesday, the JustGiving account, created by a Manchester woman named Diane Moore, has raised more than $27,700.

His act of selflessness also caught the attention of an official with local soccer team West Ham United FC.

Co-chairman David Sullivan and his son, Dave Sullivan Jr., announced Wednesday that after a successful hunt to find Jones, they are bestowing six months rent upon him. They also plan to help him find work and supply him with extra money for clothing and other essentials.

?Dave and myself were both hugely impressed by the bravery shown by Steve, the emergency services and all those who rushed to the aid of those affected by the Manchester attack,? the team?s joint-chairman said in a statement. ?This was a terrible incident, but the response of the people of Manchester has been one of bravery, togetherness and resilience ? the hallmarks of what makes Britain such a fantastic place.?

The Sullivans said they will work with a local charity to determine how to best help him.

?Steve was just one of hundreds of people who forgot about their own safety and rushed to the aid of others, and we were both moved by his story,? Sullivan continued. ?Steve deserves this chance to improve his own life after his selfless and heroic acts undoubtedly improved the lives of so many others.?

In a follow-up video shared by ITV News on Wednesday, Jones said he plans to use this opportunity to begin a new life for himself.

?This is my chance. I?ve done a few bad things in my life. I?ve been to prison, I was a drug user, so I want to get back on the straight and narrow and get back into working, sort out my life,? he said. ?The donations, there was no need to. The kind words and acknowledgment was good enough for me, honestly.?

Jones wasn?t the only homeless man praised for rushing to help the victims of the violent explosion.

Thirty-three-year-old Chris Parker, told The Press Association that he was begging in the venue?s foyer with the bomb went off.

?I heard a bang and within a split second I saw a white flash, then smoke and then I heard screaming,? he told the U.K. news agency.

Racing to help, he said he found a child without any legs.

?I wrapped her in one of the merchandise T-shirts and I said, ?where is your mum and daddy???

Parker said he additionally tended to a woman in her 60s who suffered fatal leg and head injuries.

An online fundraiser has also been set up for Parker. An online fundraiser has also been set up for Parker. Its organizer, a man named Michael Johns, reported that they are still working to make contact with him.

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Cigarette Filters May Increase Lung Cancer Risk

Cigarette filters, introduced decades ago to reduce the amount of tar smokers inhale, also alter other properties of smoke and smoking in a way that raises the risk of lung cancer, researchers say.

In a review of research on changes in lung cancer rates, and changes in the types of lung cancer that are most common, the study authors argue that tiny ventilation holes in virtually all cigarettes sold today are creating a new health risk.

?The design of cigarette filters that have ventilation can make the cigarettes even more dangerous, because those holes can change how the tobacco burns, allow smokers to inhale more smoke and to think that the smoke is safer because it is smoother,? senior author Dr. Peter D. Shields from The Ohio State University?s Wexner Medical Center in Columbus told Reuters Health by email.

?This applies to all cigarettes, because almost all the cigarettes on the market have the holes, not just the ones that used to be called lights and ultra-lights,? he noted.

Although rates of lung cancer in the population have fallen with declines in smoking overall, rates of lung cancer among smokers have risen significantly, the researchers point out. And the type of lung cancer associated with smoking has also shifted since the 1950s.

Rates of adenocarcinoma of the lung, the lung cancer most associated with smoking, have more than quadrupled in men and increased eight-fold in women along with changes in the design and composition of cigarettes since the 1950s, the researchers write.

Shields and his team review the evidence linking cigarette filter ventilation to these increased rates of lung cancer in a report online May 22nd in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Filter ventilation reduces the amount of tar in the cigarette smoke when tested on smoking machines, but the increased ventilation and slower tobacco burn result in more puffs per cigarette and more toxic cancer-causing chemicals being inhaled by smokers, they write.

?The use of the ventilation holes yields lower tar only on a machine,? Shields said. ?Machines have nothing to do with actual exposures in humans. The holes let them actually inhale more smoke with more cancer-causing agents.?

Because of the claims of lower tar content, though, smokers develop the false belief that a lower tar cigarette is a healthier cigarette, Shields? team writes.

Increased filter ventilation also results in smaller particle size, allowing more smoke to reach vulnerable parts of the lung.

Moreover, even though machine-measured tar and nicotine levels have decreased over time, there has been no appreciable change in daily nicotine intake among smokers over the past 25 years, they write.

?The evidence shows that more modern cigarettes are more risky for lung cancer,? Shields said. ?There are reasons in addition to the holes that also can contribute to the increasing risk, but one does not preclude the other.?

Cigarette designs could and should be regulated to address all the possible reasons, Shields said.

?The holes have no health benefits; they serve no health purpose,? he explained. ?They do not lower tar delivery to people. So, if they have the potential harm, the FDA can act, even if the science is not perfect. The FDA can require cigarette manufacturers to make filters without the holes. This is easy and they are doing it for some brands already.?

Having filters may indeed be safer, Shields clarified. ?This study is about the holes on the filters. We are not saying to remove filters, only to change their designs by removing the holes on the filters.?

?The FDA now has the authority to require the elimination of filter ventilation, as ventilation does not serve any public health purpose and instead provides a false promise of reduced risk,? the study team concludes.

?This single action for banning filter ventilation by the FDA is scientifically justified, and within its mandate to improve the public health,? they write.

There is some precedent for the ban Shields and colleagues propose, Jonathan M. Samet and Lilit Aladadyan, both from the Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and the USC Institute for Global Health in Los Angeles, write in an accompanying editorial.

The evidence gathered by Shields? team seems strong enough to support FDA action, and ?given a lack of evidence for countervailing harms, ending filter ventilation could be a ?no regrets? action that would benefit public health,? they write.

SOURCE: bit.ly/2rJhNyy and bit.ly/2rJKjA9

J Natl Cancer Inst 2017.

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10 Steak Recipes That’ll Make You Feel Like A Grill Master

If you want an epic summertime meal, grill a couple of steaks. It?s easy, it?s quick, but most importantly, it?s really good. There are a couple of things you should know before you fire up that grill though, even before you pick up a steak at the store.

Dale Talde, an acclaimed chef who gained popularity when competing on ?Top Chef?, told Francis Lam on Splendid Table, ?You have to invest in a great steak. If you?re at the supermarket rummaging around the $5.99-7.99 part of a butcher shop, you?re lost already.? Actually, Talde says you should be inching up closer to the $20/pound range.  

And, once you do that, stick to the same cut if you want to master it. ?Find a cut, fall in love with it, and make it yours. If you love ribeye, cook a ribeye every time,? Talde says. ?Stick to it and master it.?

We found some great steak recipes. Pick the one you like and cook it all summer long.

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